• Difference
  • Vision
  • Purpose

All About Great People

At The MCG Group, our value proposition is simple, we are All About Great People – we only work with great clients, great candidates and we only employ great consultants. Everything that we do is with a ‘People First’ attitude in order to deliver on our vision.

Our vision is to become the most respected business within each of our chosen markets

Our vision defines our long-term aspirations. It explains why we’re doing what we’re doing and the ultimate good we want to achieve through our success. We want to be recognised as a Group of companies people love to work for and with.

Raising expectations by challenging convention

Our purpose defines what we do for others and the approach we follow as we aim to achieve the aspirations we’ve set for our Group of Companies. Every day we strive to raise expectations within our respective sectors by challenging convention.

Living our values

Be genuine

We don’t employ good people, we employ GREAT PEOPLE. Be you. Be genuine. Say what you mean and mean what you say.

Be respectful

It is important to treat clients, candidates and colleagues equally and to consider and respect people’s time and perspectives.

Be ethical

Be examples within the industry of how ethical recruitment can be achieved. We will always support good decisions. Consider how your actions can serve a greater good.

Be attentive

Be generous with your time. As an expert in your field, strive to provide the highest quality service that is humanly possible. Be thorough and always go the extra mile.

Be tenacious

As we grow, we don’t want to lose our entrepreneurial spirit. Think outside the box, be a go-getter, strive to grow our business, your connections and our reputation.

Join us and be part of something great