3 secrets to career contentment

Staying in employment and complete career contentment aren’t always connected. Working just to survive, instead of thriving in your career can make a big difference to your mental state. After all, we spend a third of our lives at work, so it’s pretty important to feel reasonable contentment right?

Here’s three secrets that will help you make better choices in your career to ensure that you are happier than you were in your previous job.

Stress-free commute

With highly congested roads and a busier public transport system, finding a job in the UK with a commute that is both quick and stress-free is becoming rarer. Yet, according to a recent report on This is Money , 31% of participants claimed that their commute to work was the thing that affected their career contentment the most. In the high octane work environments that the majority of us operate in, stress is common during working hours – just imagine if you were stressed before you got to work, and what effect that would have. So if you want to walk the road of career contentment, start by picking a job that has a commute that you are happy making everyday.

Work social events

A well organised social evening with colleagues can really help improve morale and general happiness. If you are applying to new jobs, check out the social media accounts of the companies that you are thinking of joining, paying particular attention to the coverage of their social events. If they align with your tastes then you know that they could be the company for you!

Correct balance between working and living

This of course will differ from person-to-person, but having enough time outside of work can be vital to prevent career burnout. Make sure you aren’t spending more time than you willing to working beyond the hours of your contract. Businesses are built of the back of 9-5 hours, so make sure you are giving yourself enough down-time in order to feel more content with your career.

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