5 awesome ways to get involved with charity you may not have heard of

It’s #CSR week at MHR, which also coincides with #RememberCharity Week, so we've come up with a list of alternative methods that you can get involved with a charity, which we hope you take inspiration from this week, and the weeks that follow.

Sure, donating money to your charity of choice is a quickfire way of aiding a cause, but becoming more involved in a fundraising or volunteering activity can be a lot more satisfying than opening your wallet, and can mean more emotionally to the recipients of your charity.

Help an old person maintain their garden

Helping the older generations give their garden a bit of TLC, is a multi-faceted way of doing some good. Digging, weeding, pruning, and mowing are daunting and near-impossible tasks for older people who have any mobility issues. By helping, you will also be providing them with company which will help boost their morale

If you needed any more convincing, remember that gardening can be excellent exercise and the fresh air will certainly do you good!

For more information about volunteering – visit www.ageuk.org.uk

Save Bengal Tigers by eating curry

Who doesn't adore a good curry, and what a way to enjoy a meal in the knowledge that you are helping save an endangered species? Save the Bengal Tiger Week, which usually takes place in May, is participated by more than 500 restaurants throughout the UK, who will donate 25% of your bill to the charity.

What a way to remove that post-curry guilt that we have all had at least once…

For more information about Save Bengal Tiger Week – visit www.savethebengaltiger.co.uk

Change your search engine to GoodSearch

We don’t deny that Google is a worldwide institution, used in pretty much every country on the earth, and has complete market dominance over the search engine market. However, consider ignoring all of this by switching your preferred method of internet searching to GoodSearch.

GoodSearch donates a penny for every search through it’s search engine, to charities and schools that a user chooses.

To put this into perspective – if Google were to adopt the same model, it would raise a eye-tingling £12billion per year for charity via its search engine alone.

To get surfing – visit www.goodsearch.com

Soup Kitchen

Contrary to common opinion, working in a soup kitchen is much more than just handing out bowls of hot food and a drink to the hungry. Volunteers are asked to get to know and provide support to the homeless people that visit the soup kitchen, and to build camaraderie, provide advice, and generally boost the morale of its intake.

Whilst donating money to a soup kitchen helps the cause considerably, by volunteering in a more ‘hands-on’ guise, you are helping to send a signal that the world has indeed not given up on the homeless.

To find your local soup-kitchen – visit www.dosomething.org/us/campaigns/soup-something

Donate your old computer

Instead of selling your old PC, laptop or Mac for a few measly pennies, consider giving it away to be repurposed elsewhere to someone who really needs a computer but can’t afford one. Computer for Charities is an organisation that takes in and spruces up older machines and gives them away to countries across the world. You won’t even need to worry about data protection as the charity removes and destroys your old hard drives!

To donate your old computer- visit www.computersforcharities.org

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