An insight into life as an airline attendant

Overview of job description

Your goal as an airline attendant is to improve the overall safety and quality of experience for airline passengers whilst on-board their flight. From clearly communicating safety precautions, to serving food and drinks, the role of airline attendant encompasses a diverse range of skills, ideal if you are an adaptable individual with lots of energy.

Likewise, these roles are fantastic if you can speak another language, enjoy meeting new people, and have a passion for seeing new places and cities.

Confidence is vital in this line of work. A polite but sturdy approach is what’s required to successfully fulfil your duties as an airline attendant.

Easy access into industry

It’s likely that you won’t have to worry too much about your educational background and qualifications if you are looking to start a career as an airline attendant. Generally, most airlines will be looking for certain personal qualities that you have as opposed to your GCSE results. That said, you will need to have competent written/spoken English skills and basic maths to be successful in your job application.

Whilst you are working, your airline is likely to encourage you to work towards certain qualifications in order to aid your career progression, i.e Level 2 Certificate for Air Cabin Crew.

Life at work

As an airline attendant, you will be predominantly working 30-40 hour weeks, which may include some nights and weekends. Whilst this may not be immediately attractive to some, there are many perks to having varying shift patterns like this.

In some cases you will be able to enjoy longer weekends or more time off during the week – perfect for sight-seeing other cities that you are stopping over in.

Varying shift patterns also help prevent your work from becoming stale, with lots of people finding the standard 9-5 quite tedious.

Working as a cabin crew member, you will form an integral part of a small team - the ideal environment for a relatively labour intensive role as this one, as you will be able to spur each other on.

Each day at work will be different from the previous – with new challenges presenting themselves to you.

Airlines like Monarch, Ryanair, and Easyjet have excellent employment packages and genuinely care about their employees interests; therefore they will work hard to ensure that you have the time to see the cities and countries that you stop by whilst working.


A lot of the leading airlines regularly update their respective websites with current job vacancies. However, if you’re interested in becoming an airline attendant, we encourage you to click through to our cabin crew jobs page for our current opportunities!

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