Are further education courses too hard to get onto for prospective UK nurses?

It is common knowledge that there is a talent shortfall when it comes to nursing in the UK. The NHS and private sector lack the personnel to meet current demand, with many NHS trusts and private healthcare enterprises tapping into European talent pools, as well as further afield.

So why do we have a lack of British nurses? Do we need to inspire more youngsters into pursuing nursing careers?

According to this BBC newsbeat story, there are enough under 25s interested in nursing careers to help ease the current recruitment shortfall. Unfortunately, many of these young people are finding it hard getting onto the required training courses to embark on a career in nursing.

Defending the recruitment of fully-qualified, skilled nurses from European countries the government has stated that the UK simply does not have enough staff with the right qualifications to fill in the vacant positions.

These days it is a requirement to have a degree in order to become a nurse, so surely government intervention is required to persuade universities to ease the course qualification requirements so that the UK can produce home-grown nurses at a faster rate.

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