Beating the Blues!

When we heard that Monday 17th January was supposed to be 'Blue Monday' - the most depressing day of the year - we knew we had to get colourful and beat the January blues as a Group together!

Luckily, we had our Sales Trainer, Kellie Pagett, on hand who was full of bright ideas, she said: “January can be a hard month for all of us, when I heard about 'Blue Monday' I thought let’s make it a little brighter and a bit more sparkly?!"

"So, we invited all of our branches to bring a bit of colour into their Monday! We asked everyone to wear their most colourful clothing, cover themselves in rainbow coloured glitter or bake rainbow cakes and decorate their offices with rainbows, anything that was full of colour. It was great to see how involved our offices became, we had amazing efforts from everyone involved that helped spread a bit of positivity and brightness on a day that was supposed to be blue and miserable!"

The day also acted as a reminder to our employees that we have a range of support systems in place for those that are facing a difficult situation. We offer an Employee Assistance Programme as well as trained Mental Health First Aiders and Champions within our branches.

Join us and be part of something great