Career Progression tips for 2015

As we’re coming to the close of Q1 of 2015, we’re able to start analysing business trends so far this year. More importantly we can focus on the day-to-day activities of businesses nationwide and assess how each business’s staff are getting ahead further than others.

Here’s some tips regarding what is working for people so far in 2015.


Gone are the days of cold businessmen and businesswomen ruling the roost. With businesses becoming more transparent due to market demand, as well as the surge of social media, it’s finally the time to be more civil to each other in the business environment.

Being considerate to others in a business sense will make people want to work with you more often, especially if you are a client facing professional – a couple of good bits of feedback from a client to your superiors will help you climb the ladder faster than others who don’t adopt this approach.

On the flip-side, if you come from a strictly medical background, i.e if you trained as a scientist or a nurse, you will need to prove to an employer that you can adapt to a sales focussed environment, whilst be highly suitable for the position due to your knowledge of key medical processes; be it healthcare, research, or manufacturing.

Going down this route, you’re social circles at work will also improve!


To be frank, life is too short to take a job solely because the money is good. Besides, do you know anyone who has progressed rapidly in a role that they despise?

Getting anywhere in most industries requires you to be enthusiastic and have positive energy for the work that you are doing. If you are miserable, then your work will suffer, it is as simple as that, especially throughout 2015 as the UK economy moves further out of recession, and with the market becoming a fresher, more vibrant place to operate within.


In the day of serious technology advances in terms of remote conference calling, social media, and internet meetings, it has become the norm not to meet in person. Stand out more and become more dynamic in your business circles by committing to face-to-face meetings with the customers, colleagues, and suppliers that you deal with. It will show these people that you care about the work and relationships that you share with them.

Obviously travelling half way around the world every week to visit a customer isn’t sustainable, but even so, bringing a more personal sense to your everyday business activities can help improve your business relationships, making your career more fruitful.


These days most of us are required to go beyond the remit of our day-to-day work. More and more of us are having to familiarise ourselves with more and more technologies and processes in order to keep up. Therefore it has become vital that each of us learn to adapt to new business practices, as well as take on a heavier workload whilst juggling previous responsibilities. In short, to succeed at a higher level of business, you have to be versatile, or at the very least, become quicker on one’s feet!

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