Carving paths: working as a construction labourer

If construction is the industry for you, but you are yet to accrue the qualifications for the more senior positions, then labouring can give you one foot in the door, and improve your prospects as a construction professional.

It’s no secret that labouring is hard work, full on, and very manual, but the profession remains a popular gateway into a potentially lucrative market. One thinks of the many success stories in modern construction where MDs of some of the largest construction companies entered the profession by pushing a wheelbarrow around a construction site all day – albeit a long time ago.

Gladly, labouring in the construction industry is a lot safer in terms of health and safety than it used to be 15-20 years ago, with the introduction of new legislation encouraging firms to up their game.

With many schemes available within some of the largest contractors in the industry, construction firms offer their labourers the chance to ‘learn while they work’ by offering specific training courses designed to enhance their future career prospects in another field, i.e quantity surveying, project managing etc.

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