How working as ground staff can enhance your career credentials

Whilst working as a member of an aviation company’s ground staff might not be the most appealing of roles, it is often the gateway to greener career pastures as you look to build experience in the industry.

Working within other roles of the aviation industry, for e.g as cabin crew and airline attendants, can be particularly tricky to get into. Whilst you won’t get to travel, beginning your airline career in a ground staff position like a passenger service agent, where you will interact with passengers before they board their flight, will stand you in good stead.

If it is the cabin crew area that you are interested in embarking on career in, then working as a passenger service agent will give you ample opportunities to prove yourself within the many areas that you will need to be competent in. This includes interacting with passengers, operating in a team, and working on your feet all day!

What’s clear is, if you want to break into the aviation industry, you have to be prepared to work in a significant less attractive role to begin with. However, the rewards can be fantastic as you work towards your first flight attendant, or cabin crew role.

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