In the fast lane with young racing superstar, Matt Knoesen

We are excited to be teaming up with 8-year-old racing kart driver Matt Knoesen, to become his Partner and support his phenomenal racing career.

Matt was born with talipes and a spinal cord injury, but he was also born with big dreams and a love of racing. He has been overcoming huge challenges to prove that nothing will stand in his way of success since 2012.

Over the past year Matt has successfully achieved 6 podiums out of 9 races, 4 of which were wins in Bambino class (entry level karting for ages 6 and 7). After turning 8 at the end of 2020, Matt has moved up into Honda Cadet class (ages 8-12) and passed his ARKS test in April, making him the youngest person in the UK with a spinal cord injury to obtain a racing licence. He will race twice a month from April.

Matt has already had the opportunity to meet with Red Bull Racing and was invited to their HQ in November 2020 to interview Alex Albon and meet with Christian Horner with the Wings for Life foundation.

Kerry Knoesen, Matt’s mother, said: “As motorsport becomes more focused on inclusivity and accessibility, Matt’s story is helping to demonstrate the potential of drivers with different abilities. Even though he was born with a spinal cord injury, Matt is both a highly competitive driver as well as one of the few drivers with a physical disability racing in unmodified karts.

“It’s thanks to the support from our Partners like The MCG Group that enables us to ensure that Matt is able to attend practice and race days as part of the SAIT race team, who provide Matt with driver coaching and mechanic support.”

Grant Henderson, The MCG Group COO, said: “We are looking forward to following Matt’s season closely and we wish him all the best of luck! We’re super excited by the partnership as it ties in with our drive to support inclusion for everyone in their chosen field of passion and career.”

In addition to his fantastic racing career, Matt loves to embark on challenges to raise awareness and funds for Wings for Life - Spinal Cord Research Foundation - a foundation close to his heart as it pursues the very research that could change the lives of those living with spinal cord injuries, including his own. His most recent challenge saw Matt cycle 100km, swim 2500m and complete 2000 push ups and sit ups - all with no use of his legs below the knee!

The MCG Group is excited to see what the future holds for Matt and we’re proud to be partnering him along the way!

To learn more about Matt and follow his career visit: Matthew Knoesen Racing | Facebook and Matthew Knoesen Racing (@makomatt27) • Instagram photos and videos

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