Management tips: holding the best meetings

As a manager you will be assigned the responsibility of determining, organising, and leading meetings across a range of different topics. Generally, there is recognised meeting etiquette that one will learn in the run-up to becoming a manager, however, there are some subtleties which you can apply yourself to ensure that you are not holding meetings in vain. Here’s 3 very workable tips that you should consider the next time you want to meet with your team.


A lot of managers make the mistake of calling their entire team into meetings when they only really need to address 1 or 2 people. Not only does this take your whole team away from doing their job, it also involves them in issues that they don’t necessarily all need to worry about. Meetings with a large amount of people in them tend to over-run no matter how much you try to keep to a schedule. Therefore the first step that you should consider taking in order to ace your meetings should be to choose attendees in a wise fashion.


Every successful meeting concludes with a list of actions to which people’s names are assigned to. Straying from this can render your meeting pointless, with the odds of having to run through the meeting agenda again in the near future, wasting your team’s time.


Interestingly, the best meeting masters adhere to one simple rule, have less meetings. Meetings should be called when they are absolutely necessary, instead of having periodical ‘catch-up’, ‘touching-base’, or ‘monthly chinwag’ meetings. This way, meetings are likely to be taken more seriously, and your team can focus on doing their actual work, instead of talking about it for hours on end each week.

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