Nurse advice: writing an awesome personal statement

Job hunting for a nurse can be a very time-consuming, soul-destroying process which one simply doesn’t have time for. The long hours, physical working nature can leave very little time and energy to be pro-active when it comes to searching for a new position. Surprisingly, many nurses seem to pay little attention to their personal statement when applying for a job with a new healthcare trust, hospital, or recruitment agency.

It’s all in the title – a personal statement is your chance to put your personal stamp on why you are applying for a particular job. Here you should focus on the specifics in order to tell your potential employer why you are suited to the job. Show off your knowledge of their healthcare trust, hospital, or company by reeling off facts and figures that you have researched.

Likewise be specific regarding your qualifications and experience. Through your CV, an employer will know where and when you have participated in your various placements, but will not know about your personal experience, and how you grew in a professional capacity during this time.

Finally, don’t shy away from communicating your personality throughout your personal statement. You should even consider dedicating a paragraph to your personal and professional traits, so that an employer can get a more comprehensive idea of who you are.

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