Our Charitable Causes

We do love any excuse to dress up at McGinley.

We also love any excuse to raise money for a good cause. 

Fortunately for us, these common loves tend to be a marriage made in heaven!  We’ve dressed up, we’ve raised close to £8000 for various causes and we’ve also discovered an unhealthy obsession with cake sales over the past few weeks and we’re keen to keep it going!

Our much-heralded Royal Half Park Marathon was a fantastic success, which allowed us to invent a host of party games to raise some money for Macmillan Cancer … before several of our bravest team members spent a beautiful October morning racing along the London’s picturesque streets and parks, raising an incredible amount for a cause close to many of our hearts.

November saw many of us donning our fundraising hats again as our L&D Manager, Lucy Moore drew our attention to a cause that affects so many, but is spoken about by very few.  World Prematurity Day was a huge success as we raised over £700 in a whirlwind day of cake sales, dressing up and good old fashioned fundraising!  We’re hopeful to have added to the ever-increasing awareness of what can be a devastating and lonely situation, without the right support.

As well as continuing to support our existing charities, we always on the lookout for new charitable enterprises and if you think we could make a difference, we’d be delighted to help out in any way we can! Give us a call on 0330 024 1340 or drop us an email on hello@mcginleygroup.co.uk to share a charitable cause that we could possibly help you with!

Join us and be part of something great