Pilot talk: 5 most sensational views from a plane

We asked our captains and first-officers their favourite views from the planes that they pilot, and their responses were astonishing.

In no particular order, our pilot’s favourite views include:

The Colorado Rockies

The huge mountain range (that expands across 3,000 miles+ of North American territory) looks breath-taking from up above especially at the height of winter.

The Northern Lights

Whilst the northern lights (less frequently known as ‘aurora borealis’) is a sort of obvious inclusion in this list, it’s beauty if absolutely undeniable. And just imagine if you’re lucky enough to see this beautiful sight from a cockpit?...

London – City approach

There are far fewer iconic sights than that of the London city skyline. Steeped in history, even the views at ground-level are beautiful, but from the sky, they take on a whole different status…legendary!

Sydney Harbour

Over the other side of the world, the view from down under is exceedingly beautiful, according to our pilots, who list the Sydney harbour approach as one of their favourite views and its easy to see why.

Table Mountain

Cape Town’s Table Mountain is a poignant reminder of the charm of South African’s most southern major city. The mountain’s extrusion from the earth makes from a stunning view from an aeroplane, and a warming signal that your destination is near.

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