Raising awareness for breast cancer

According to 'Big Pink' campaigners - 'Whatever you do, however you do it - make it big, and make it #Pink'. 

So this year we thought we would do something different (and ‘BIG’) to celebrate all things #Pink by adding extra colour to our website.  

Yes – we have splashes of #Pink to inspire and show our support for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. 

Our Marketing Manager, Melani Nair commented on changing our brand’s colour for the day: ’There are a good couple of times when it is OK to mess with your brand’s colours, and today is an exception to the rule. By mixing things up a bit and showing support for a cause gives your company a bit of heart and soul.’ 

The driving force and motivation for this particular campaign is that many of us have been personally affected with family members and colleagues as cancer victims, sufferers and survivors. So going that extra mile to raise funds and lobbying for better care, more knowledge and patient empowerment is very close to our hearts. And to be able to do so with the full corporate backing of your employer is truly heart-warming and … hopeful! 

McGinley Human Resources is extremely proud to be part of this worldwide campaign. 

Join us today to celebrate #BreastCancerAwarenessMonth and to raise money for people facing breast cancer.

Join us and be part of something great