The 5 main qualities airlines look for in a pilot

When it comes to deciding which pilots to offer employment to, airlines will be looking for the candidates who meet certain criteria in addition to their piloting qualifications and education. Here’s a breakdown of the five vital qualities that airlines look for in a pilot.


Being able to cope in high pressure situations is absolutely paramount when you’re a pilot, and don’t airlines just know it?! If you want to secure a position with a leading airline company, you will have to demonstrate excellent calmness in the face of difficult situations.

Knowledge of responsibility

Airliners offer employment only to those pilots that understand the importance of their role in the safety and well-being of each passenger aboard the aircraft that they are flying.

Self Motivation

As a pilot, and as the most senior member of staff in your working environment, it is up to you to motivate not only yourself, but the airline crew around you.

Team Working

Likewise to being self-motivated, as a pilot you must be able to demonstrate your awareness of the role that you play within a team outside to your piloting duties. This extends to communicating efficiently with your team, and generally being an all-round team player.

Understanding of customer service

Even though the airline attendants will fulfil a lot of the face-to-face duties with the passengers onboard your flight, the pilot must still interact with the passengers via the intercom system throughout the journey. A good understanding of the importance of customer care makes you a more attractive recruitment option for any airline.

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