The 5 professional attributes that recruiters most desire

Qualifications, experience and skills are essential to any jobseeker worth his/her mettle. However, a lot of recruiters are after even more than that when considering candidates for roles; with candidate’s professional attributes being high priority. So, as a jobseeker, which professional attributes should you clearly outline that you have?


Self-motivation for work is self-motivation for life; paramount to any profession in every corner of the world. In the days of ever increasing and quantifiable targets, professionals can no longer be dragged along by their team mates kicking and screaming – you have to have a good get-up-and-go instinct and be quick on your feet. Put simply, recruiters won’t be interested in your CV if you come across as someone who lacks motivation.


This goes hand-in-hand with the point above, and interestingly the point below, which we’ll come onto shortly. Being able to work effectively as an independent professional is paramount in most professions. When it comes to decision making, you will be worth more to your employers if you are able to come to conclusions yourself instead of asking team members or supervisors their opinion, interrupting their own flow.


It sounds like a mixed-metaphor, but whilst being an independent entity, it is important that your effectiveness collaborating with colleagues and various other team members is up-to-scratch as you work on projects together. This is particularly attractive to a recruitment consultant, who will look to place you in a team that is already well established. If you are a good team-player it’s more likely that you will slot in and find your feet faster in your new work environment.

Problem solving

Most professions these days require a good sense of logic and common sense, the secret to solving any problems that you come across on a day-to-day basis, and forming the best strategy to overcome these. Generally, employers look for professionals with the means to stand on their own feet, and think of creative ways to deal with the various obstacles that we all face each day, or more major problems that are on the horizon.

Good listener

Listening well is a skill that a lot of people think they have. However, in the fast, modern world that we live in, most people are in a rush to get our what they say, waiting for their turn to speak instead of concentrating on listening. The next time you find yourself in a stimulating conversation, try relaxing, looking into the eyes of the person you’re listening to, and you’ll find that you’ll get a deeper understand of the conversation that you having. If you truly are a decent listener, the extra insight that you will be able to gain at a faster rate whilst working, will be very valuable to any employer.

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