The call to plug more diverse roles in construction

Many of the construction industry’s leading recruiters have called upon the wider industry to bring greater attention to the more diverse roles available within the sector.

These people are calling for a more holistic knowledge of what really happens in the construction industry, to be communicated to a wider audience of people, including schools and other areas of the education sector.  They have cited that for too long, when people think of the construction industry, they think of bricks and mortar, whereas a larger breadth of skills are needed in what is a very broad industry.

Through the fantastic opportunities that we receive from our clients, McGinley is familiar with the diversity of career paths offered within the construction industry, and we support the call for greater communication of this feat.

If you think about the construction process, from concept through to final fit-out, one can only begin to imagine the sheer range of skills that are needed for any one project. From cost evaluators & architectural design, through to digital CAD technicians and bricklayers, the variety in the construction industry is quite frankly, astonishing.

This should be championed by anyone and everyone involved in construction.

For more information, visit the Recruiter website.

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