The future innovations that will revolutionise aviation

By making global destinations a dam-sight easier & quicker to get to, air travel has truly revolutionised the way we live and our view of the world. Prior to the take-off of the first passenger planes, the idea of being able to be in London one day, and Sydney the next would have been laughed off by most people. Yet aviation has become one of the most important innovations of our history.

However, industry scientists & engineers remain focused on improving air travel as it exists today, aiming to improve a number of factors over the next few years. But what are these innovations and how will they help?


The brilliance of aviation has always come at the cost of a prominent carbon foot-print. Although it is a far cleaner method of transport than say car travel, innovations in environmentally cleaner flight operations are being developed as we speak.

In fact, with the help of solar-powered flight, some experts expect totally green air travel to be phased into the commercial & passenger aviation markets over the next few years.  


On a more detailed level, air travel has a bit of a reputation for being uncomfortable due to the limited space onboard any given flight, especially if you’re flying economy. Whilst there are larger innovations planned in the future, we really love the Soarigami arm rest that is available to buy right now. This neat little device gives you more arm-room between you and your neighbour whilst you fly. This little gizmo could be the difference between a having a comfortable journey…or something else!


In a more exciting revelation, experts are suggesting that all white panels located in any plane could be replaced by smart surfaces that passengers can interact with. These surfaces could play videos, music, or even be used to alter the air conditioning and more! How awesome does that sound?!


Part of the issue with plane travel is the struggle to sleep, with most passengers finding it tricky to fall asleep due to the limited space per person on-board. However, new and improved seats that convert into beds will aim to make life more comfortable to passengers travelling in economy and business class, where good quality sleep is hard to come by.

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