The perks of working in cabin crew

Generally, working as part of the air cabin crew is seen as a pretty glamorous occupation. Popular particularly with younger professionals, the UK aviation industry recruits tens-of-thousands of graduates every year.

But what are the main perks of working as cabin crew?

See the world

Working for a major airline company as a cabin crew member can be a fantastic adventure, as you traverse the world, stopping over in some of the funkiest, most interesting locations on the planet. You will have opportunities to take short holidays in exotic locations, all paid for by your employer, as you stop over between shifts – usually for 2-3 day periods.

Fresh faces everyday

If you are a person who likes variety in their day-to-day work, then becoming a cabin crew member is a good career to pursue. Typically the team that surrounds you will different most weeks, giving you the opportunity to meet and work with new people all of the time. And of course, your passengers will change on a flight-to-flight basis too!

Free time

Whilst you are likely to be charged with several 12 hour shifts a week, the huge upside of this is the sheer amount of free time and days off that you will have – perfect if you are the adventurous type, willing to explore the amazing cities that you touch down in, as well as when you are back at home catching up with loved ones.

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