Weekly News Round-Up (22nd May 2015)

It’s been a busy week of news for the sectors that we operate within. Here’s our highlights:


Employment in the renewable energy sector is on the rise, as newer practises become more feasible for leading countries. Breaking Energy. Read more here

Full time employment in Scotland is now greater than it was before the recession. SNP.org. Read more here


Leading aviation, security, and business firms have ‘rubbished’ claims that a man was able to hack into a plane’s operating system whilst sat in the main cabin as a passenger. The Guardian. Read more here

Airbus has begun to roll-out their ‘Sustainable Aviation Engagement Programme’ to help aviation businesses reduce their carbon footprint over the next decade. Aviation Today. Read more here


London based commercial construction projects will experience a huge rise, as office construction climbs by 24% in the last 6 months. Financial Times. Read more here

Construction giants Wates have finalised a deal to buy Shepherd Construction’s built environment division. Construction Enquirer. Read more here


There’s new hope for sufferers of prostate cancer, as scientists crack the genetic code for 9 out of 10 prostate tumours. The Telegraph. Read more here

Technology giants Google are moving closer to producing artificial intelligence with ‘common sense’. The Guardian. Read more here


Funding for global sustainability is falling ‘substantially short’, as the UN struggle on towards their ambitious sustainability targets by 2030. Green Tech Media. Read more here

Didcot Power Station was successfully demolished last week, with hundreds of people flocking to watch the destruction of the iconic coal-powered station. Financial Times. Read more here


The new conservative government has launched it’s promised free schools expansion plan, with the Tories set to open a further 500 free schools during their current term of government. BBC. Read more here

As a part of the Special Envoy for Global Education, Gordon Brown addressed journalists underlining the need for a new fund for educate millions of children in emergency situations. UN.org. Read more here

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