Weekly News Round-up (2nd October 2014)

Are you guys keeping up on what’s been going on in your industry this week? We have been, and here’s the highlights!

Employment News

There are now over 1.1 million over 65 year-olds working in UK after the default retirement age was discarded three years ago. This is Money. Read more here

A British Chambers of Commerce report suggest that young British people lack fundamental employment skills. Fresh Business Thinking. Read more here

Aviation News

Ex-Military Pilot and American Robert Becklund claims that the future of aviation is being pioneered with unmanned aircraft experiments in North Dakota. The Guardian. Read more here

UK Aviation legislation is set to change after Scotland voted no to independence. Centre for Aviation. Read more here

Construction News

The UK construction industry saw further growth during the month of September. Financial Times. Read more here

Premier League footballing giants Tottenham Hotspur are pushing through with their new £50 stadium. Caught Offside. Read more here

Healthcare & Scientific News

Kaiser Permanente executive Kathy Gerwig has produced a book which tackles making hospitals greener. The Guardian. Read more here

PM David Cameron has pledged increased spending on the NHS at the final conservative conference if he gets re-elected as PM again next year. Reuters UK. Read more here

Distribution News

– Amazon have been announced as the largest distributor of vinyl records, out-selling direct competitors Urban Outfitters. IB Times. Read more here

And finally, a new Aldi warehouse is set to create 400 jobs on the fringes of Cardiff. BBC. Read more here

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