Weekly News Round-Up (2nd September 2015)

It’s been a busy week of news within the markets that McGinley Human Resources operates within. Here’s out highlights of what happened over the last 7 days.

Employment News

Prime minister David Cameron has jettisoned his demands for the UK to be excluded from all EU employment laws if the country chooses to leave the EU in the upcoming ‘Brexit’ referendum. Financial Times Read more here .

The latest UK employment reforms are failing to encourage the unemployed into work, according to new research undertaken by the Scottish Government welfare reform committee. Scottish Housing News Read more here .

Aviation News

A new system created by Wolverhampton based company Aero Central is set to launch, which is slated the save the aviation industry lots of money as well as man hours. Express & Star Read more here .

Tech Central South Africa has published an article asking the question: ‘Is electric aircraft the future of aviation?’, prompting industry wide debate. Tech Central South Africa Read more here .

Construction News

The UK construction industry showed higher signs of growth in August, indicating that it will play a larger role in the growth of the UK wide economy. The Guardian Read more here .

The Queensferry Crossing in Scotland has already become the UK’s tallest bridge, a mere 15 months before it will open to traffic. Scottish Construction Now Read more here .

Education News

The UK government has announced a further wave of 18 free schools to be built throughout the country ahead of the 252 free schools that have already been open, as well as the 52 schools set to open this term. BBC Read more here .

The National College of Teaching has called for more people to study as an early years specialists in West Sussex, despite the outstanding Ofsted results that schools across the county received. Chichester News Read more here .

Healthcare News

Will Pooley, the first British person to contract Ebola, is now working as an NHS nurse in the hospital that helped save his life. BBC Read more here .

British healthcare workers will receive more assistance in leading a healthy lifestyle, including better staff meals, zumba classes and more, in an attempt to cut-down on staff discount. BBC Read more here .

Scientific News

Scientists in Scotland have unlock the secret to slower-melting ice cream. BBC Read more here .

In a medical first, US Scientists have edited cancerous cells, programming them back to normal cells that don't reproduce too quickly. Reuters UK Read more here .

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