Weekly News Round-Up (9th September 2015)

There’s been a lot going on this week within the sectors that we operate within – so much so that it’s been hard to keep up! Here’s our highlights of what’s been happening in the news this week within the following sectors:

Employment News

An in-depth article published in HR Magazine has highlighted the newest phase of changes in UK employment law. HR Magazine .  Read more here  .

People working in zero-hour contracts has increased by 19% to 744,000 in the last 12 months, according to figures published by the Office for National Statistics (ONS). Yahoo UK News .  Read more here  .

Aviation News

The monolithic Chinese aviation company HNA is about to buy Avalon Holdings, the Irish aircraft leasing firm for an estimated £1.6bn. BBC .  Read more here  .

The Airbus A330-200 has achieved EASA certification, marking the next step in the journey for the large passenger aircraft, which boasts a larger take-off weight and higher passenger capacity than previous models. AIN Online .  Read more here  .

Construction News

The £3bn scheme to transform the A9 in Scotland into a dual carriageway has begun, marking the start of a range of high-value road projects in Scotland. BBC .  Read more here  .

The proposed construction of the first nuclear plant in decades at Hinkley Point, Somerset has suffered a set-back, and is unlikely to be operational before 2023. BBC .  Read more here  .

Education News

Education Secretary Nicky Morgan has reached out to business leaders to help increase the number of academy trusts. The Guardian .  Read more here  .

UK graduates are enjoying a brighter career prospects straight out of university as more UK businesses ramp up graduate intake. BBC .  Read more here  .

Healthcare News

Workers in Oxford NHS Trusts have welcomed plans to improve NHS staff health by offering cheaper local gym memberships and healthier canteen food. Oxford Mail .  Read more here  .

NHS patients in Kent could soon be offered to have surgery in France. BBC  .  Read more here  .

Scientific News

A pioneering new drug used to treat ovarian cancer has been approved in Scotland Herald Scotland .  Read more here  .

Specialists and leaders in the medical sector have called for greater debate on gene-altering technology. Yahoo UK Financial News .  Read more here  .

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