What it means to #BeGREAT at The MCG Group

This month, we're looking at just what makes a company good to work for and what we think it means to #BeGREAT

In the day and age of social media, companies have to work harder than ever to promote and improve the working conditions of their offices & the work culture within them, as well as the career prospects of their employees.  

A strong, positive office culture

It’s one thing to enjoy your work, but enjoying being AT work is even better. Any company that not only encourages but works hard to establish positivity in their office, will always have happier staff. Happy staff means greater levels of motivation, less stress, and altogether far healthier employees which leads to greater productivity and employee attendance.

Companies that encourage a positive atmosphere will always be on an upwards trajectory in the business world, and will be something that they prominently promote to help attract new staff as their business grows.

Offers real chances to grow professionally

A good company will care deeply about the development of each and every one of their employees. This includes progression in each of their individual roles, as well as regular opportunities for promotions, and regular chances for the company as a whole to work better together. Providing employees with regular performance reviews, job chats and reward schemes can help employees feel really valued – and is a true trait of a ‘good company to work for’.

Provide an opportunity to work with people that you like & respect

Providing an environment that allows for each team member to get to know each other socially as well as professionally, can be the secret to tying a team of people together. The most important factor when it comes to working successfully in a team is RESPECT, and the more a company encourages respect between its employees, the more close-knit their team will become.

Offer work that requires you to 'stretch' your brain & skills

If you want to get anywhere in your career, you have to work as hard & as fast as you can, operate outside of your comfort zone, and ‘stretch’ your brain. The better companies to work for will realise this and unlock the full potential of their employees, ensuring that the work undertaken by each of their team is a challenge each and every day.

Whilst it can be daunting, working outside of your comfort zone can be exhilarating and highly rewarding, especially when things go right! The best companies invest in their staff by encouraging development and stretching their abilities. This way, each employee becomes more and more valuable to a company with every passing day.

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