Why should I work in medical sales?

‘Medical Sales’ is a hot topic when it comes to recruitment, with more and more people attracted towards the industry as the country continues to recover having moved out of the recession. But what are the benefits of working in medical sales, and why are so many people attracted to working in the industry?

Varied work

Working in medical sales you have to become somewhat adjusted to the fast moving, varied working environment, getting used to fulfilling a range of duties on a day-to-day basis, often helping out in different areas – certainly in the earlier stages of your career. Due to this, working in medical sales rarely becomes boring, and is very rewarding when it comes to you developing lots of skills simultaneously.

Excellent pay

It is a well-known fact that the medical sales sector of the healthcare industry is where the best prospects lay salary wise. In the UK, medical sales professionals aged 35+ earn on average £75,000 per annum, eclipsing doctors salaries earned in most other industries. This feat alone attracts a huge network of talent each and every year – especially young sales-focussed professionals looking to earn big in their younger years.

Take pride in your work area

Maintaining a clean and tidy work environment can help communicate to your employer that you care and take pride in your work. This is particularly important if you are a warehouse operative dealing with dispatches and delivers – as an untidy work area can cause wrong deliveries – resulting in eventual loss of profit. Organisation is paramount to avoiding errors and being as efficient as you can be when working in a warehouse. Working in a methodical controlled manner will help illustrate that you understand the importance of process – an attribute that will open doors for further progression in the Distribution industry.

Regular pay rises and commissions

Like a lot of sales-orientated jobs, the majority of medical sales related positions are incentivised by lucrative commission potential which generally gets bigger and better the further along the career path you are. The medical sales business is a very financially focussed industry; therefore, if you’re looking to earn the big bucks, then it is in your interest to get better quicker, so that you can work on bigger deals – increasing the potential for bigger pay rises and huge commissions.

Work independently

And lastly, medical sales professionals enjoy working independently, without having to constantly answer to their superiors. In this way, the industry is very forward-thinking – allowing their sales representatives to think entrepreneurially, which allows each individual to care more about the business as a whole. Normally, medical sales personnel are given excellent perks such as a company car and fuel allowance if they are frequently travelling to see clients, as well as corporate gym memberships, and generous per diems.

With all this taken into account, it’s easy to see why the medical sales industry is growing at the rates of knots!

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