Working in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Industry Overview

Businesses and organisations operating within the pharmaceuticals industry are responsible for the development and manufacture of drug based products to be prescribed to patients as medicine for various medical issues.

The industry is also responsible for the marketing of these products, and utilises cutting edge technology to do so. As a whole, the industry undertakes a huge amount of research – more than any other, to understand and pioneer new products.

Generally speaking, professionals operating within the pharmaceutical industry are passionate and enthusiastic about their work, and appreciate the social environment that comes with working in this industry. A good work/life balance is possible through working in the pharmaceuticals industry – which is why so many people are attracted to working in this area.

Why should I choose to work in the pharmaceutical industry?

To understand why should start a career in the pharmaceutical industry, you only need to look at the benefits associated with the majority of careers available within this area.

Working in the pharmaceutical industry means that you will develop skills that are required across the world, and will be even more in demand in the future. Once you’ve entered the pharmaceutical industry, there will be work for as long as you are happy.

Decent salaries well above the national average are available across many of the pharmaceutical job specialities; this is what attracts many candidates in the first place. For more information on pharmaceuticals, salaries see ‘How much can I earn?’ below.

The pharmaceutical industry offers a wide variety of working environments that you can work in. Be it a laboratory, pharmacy, hospital, or GP surgery, you will be able to choose an environment that suits your professional preferences.

Future Prospects

From entry level jobs to executive positions, the pharmaceuticals industry offers workers excellent career prospects, and the opportunity for you to develop a deep understanding of your vocation from your first day to your last. These days, potential future prospects are a high priority for young people looking for their first job – therefore it’s not surprising to see a rise in younger workers operating within the pharmaceuticals industry.

How much can I earn?

Coming into the industry as an entry-level worker, you can expect to earn more than £14,000 per annum within your first year, or perhaps more if your role is based in London or the South-East.

Within 10 years, depending on your area of focus, you should expect to be earning at least £30,000, if not more.

At executive level, it is not unusual for professionals to be earning north of £60,000.

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