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Hollie Murtagh

Hollie Murtagh's bio

As Chief Revenue Officer, I focus on cultivating and nurturing a robust and rewarding sales culture that permeates throughout the entire group, aligning our sales efforts with strategic objectives to drive sustainable growth. I champion sales excellence across all brands and departments, staying abreast of industry trends to ensure that our group is at the forefront of innovative sales strategies and methodologies. 
I’m also the Managing Director of Education, and recent winner of Businesswoman of the Year at the 2022 SME National Business Awards.
My goal is to inspire my teams to do their best work, through collaboration and by adopting a growth mindset. In my role as a Group CRO and managing Simply Education, I ensure that our teams deliver recruitment as it should be: focusing on skills development, personal fulfilment, and being part of a community. These are the values that get results time and time again, even in the most difficult circumstances. 
A bit about me out of work: I’m super spontaneous and rarely ever say no to an adventure, especially if it involves travelling around the world. I’m also extremely passionate about anything and everything health, wellness and fitness related.  

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