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Kerry Mumby

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I am the Managing Director of Jenrick Engineering, Jenrick Food & Drink and Jenrick Commercial. These businesses all support enterprises in the UK with their recruitment needs albeit they specialise in very different talent. Jenrick Engineering and Jenrick Food & Drink source and recruit for Technical/ Operations/ Engineering and Projects into mainly manufacturing enterprises whereas Jenrick Commercial identifies and places office staff for businesses  - for example: Finance, Marketing, People, Sales and IT. 
I started with Jenrick Engineering in 2002 as a Technical Consultant . My career progressed steadily over the first few years, leading to me becoming the Branch Manager for our Crick office in 2005. There I recruited a strong recruitment team to support our ever growing and committed client base. The branch evolved over the subsequent years and now has two teams specifically designed to support the Food & Drink sector and Manufacturing & Engineering sector. 
The Jenrick group was acquired by The MCG Group in 2022 and then in 2023, I stepped up to run both the Jenrick Engineering offices - Crick and Derby and very quickly after that Jenrick Commercial joined my team. Their offices are in Weybridge so currently I spend my time between the 3 offices. 
The average tenure of my team is 12 years, and their market knowledge is second to none. I am incredibly proud of who we are as a team and what we continue to achieve. 
When I am not doing my full-time day job, I am doing my other full-time job supporting my 2 daughters and generally ferrying them around.

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